geoNETEX M 400
80 000 m2
146 000 m2

LOCATION Worms, Germany

INSTALLATION 2008 – 2012

Trans Service Team (TST) is a family-owned firm specialized in logistics. Since the year of foundation – 1990 – the company’s activities have been permanently expanding; at the present day, they run more than 35 branches with over 2000 employees. The HQ reside in Worms in Western Germany, situated on the left bank of The River Rhine, approx. 70 km south of Frankfurt on the Main. Other centres can be found in Hamburg, Duisburg, Ludwigshafen or Düsseldorf. The services offered by the company also include distribution, warehousing, supply and production logistics.

The company ROWE Mineralölwerk was founded in 1995; in 2014 they moved to Worms, where they established an up-to-date complex incorporating manufacturing and storage halls, laboratory and offices, with the total area of approx. 11 football fields. This investment valued at nearly 40 mil. EUR placed the company amongst the largest manufacturers of mineral oils in Europe. The company’s product portfolio include engine and gear oils, hydraulic fluids and other types of industrial oils, antifreeze compounds for coolers and windscreen washers, brake fluids, lubricants and various types of additives. An overall annual manufacturing capacity is abt. 120 000 tons of these products.

In accordance with the German legislation, all structures the operation of which poses a potential environmental threat, must be insulated using a material certified according to a special regulation. In case of the above building projects, an insulation membrane JUNIFOL D 3,0 mm (certified by DIBt testing institute, Germany) was used. The protection of the membrane is provided by non-woven geotextile geoNETEX installed both on the top and the bottom side of the membrane.

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