geoNETEX A PP 450
260 000 m2
430 000 m2

LOCATION Galabovo, Bulgaria


AES Maritza East 1 is a coal power plant located approximately 250 km east of Bulgarian capital city, Sofia. The original power plant was a part of state-owned power-producing complex being built in the region of Stara Zagora since 1952. In the vicinity of an opencast brown coal mine, 3 coal power stations – Maritza Iztok 1, Maritza Iztok 2 a Maritza Iztok 3 – were consecutively constructed. During a few past decades, all of these power plants went through diverse stages of modernization and today the entire complex is the largest facility of its kind in the South East of Europe. In the end of the last century, Maritza Iztok 1 plant was privatized; in 2006, American investor AES Corporation launched the construction of two new 335 MW blocks . The new power plant with a total power output of 670 MW was officially put into operation in 2011 and nowadays it delivers 9 % of the country´s total electric power production volume.

The new power plant project also included the building of residue deposit site to store the waste of coal incineration (Maritza Iztok 1 plant generates approx. 3 mil. tons of ash & gypsum mix per year) and the waste processing facilities. The sealing system aimed at safe protection of soil, surface and ground water in the area, became an inseparable part of the waste disposal site construction. A multi-layered lining system is comprised of geological barrier, artificial sealing barrier (polymeric PE-HD insulation sheet), protection geotextile, drainage layer (aggregate 5-50), and separation-filtration geotextile.

After long and demanding tendering procedures, the partnership of Bulgarian installation company and the manufacturer of geosynthetic materials from the Czech Republic proved to be successful. For this highly prestigious project, Juta a.s. delivered 8-m-wide geomembrane JUNIFOL PEHD (manufactured in accordance with the American GRI-GM13 standard) and polypropylene non-woven geotextile geoNETEX A PP.

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