LOCATION Agadir, Morocco


Agadir is a town in Morocco, situated at the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, approximately 500 km south of Casablanca; it is the regional centre of Souss-Massa-Drâa district and with its population of abt. 350 000 it holds the seventh position in the country. This important Moroccan seaport is a significant industrial fishing centre and also an important destination sought after by tourists. From a long-time perspective, the agriculture has been the principal source of income for the area; however, the industrial sector has also been on the rise during past years. All the circumstances mentioned above are very demanding as for the water resources. The demand for water has been increasing constantly, but the resources are limited – with the uneven distribution in time and space being the main negative factors. With these facts in mind, a project focused on the re-using of huge volumes of “waste waters“ produced in the area was brought into life. Instead of being let out into the ocean, the treated water is supposed to be used for irrigation.

The project is being realized as a part of sewage water treatment plant M’Zar (approximately 8,5 km south of Agadir), on the left bank of Oued Souss river (the river valley is one of the most fertile areas in Morocco with an extensive production of various types of fruit, vegetables and grains). The daily intake capacity of the plant is up to 50 000 m3 of sewage and industrial waste water undergoing several stages of purification. The primary stage of the cleaning process takes place in concrete sedimentation reservoirs, while the following step (secondary level of purification) is performed in filtration basins. The latter were designed as in-ground basins with the bottom and the walls lined with a polyethylene geomembrane, protected from both sides by non-woven geotextiles. There is a layer of gravel and filtration sand installed above this multilayered structure. The number of sedimentation and filtration basins is being successively increased, as the project passes through its subsequent implementation stages. At the present day, it includes 60 filtration basins in total (the area of each of them representing abt. 5 000 m2). The watertightness of these filtration basins is secured by geomembrane delivered by the manufacturer from the Czech Republic – JUNIFOL PEHD, 1,5 mm thick, supplied in rolls 8 m wide, certified according to ASQUAL standards.

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