PRODUCT JUNIFOL 1,2 74 800 m2

LOCATION Kristiansand, Norway

INSTALLATION 2011 – 2012

Kristiansand holds the position of the fifth largest town in Norway and it is also the second biggest Norwegian seaport. In the past, due to its strategic setting in the southern tip of the country, it fulfilled the role of an important commercial centre; despite the fact that its significance was somewhat diminished until present day, it still remains an important traffic intersection and one of entry points to Scandinavian region.

Two European international routes cross in the city – the first of them, E39, connects Trondheim in Norway with Aalborg in Denmark, while the second one – E18 – runs from Craigavon in the UK to St. Petersburg in Russia. Most of Kristiansand area residents and numerous visitors and tourists alike join these routes via arterial road Rv456. As these access points suffered from frequent traffic jams, a decision was made to construct a tunnel.

Construction works were started in August, 2010. The tunnel is composed of two parallel main tubes (each 1300 m in length) and it also comprises 1 entrance access ramp, 2 exit ramps and one adjacent tunnel section partly created by reconstruction of the tunnel situated on the original route. Almost all tunnel portions were drilled, with the exception of short portal sections which are going to be covered with backfill. The structure was designed in order to respect the corresponding Norwegian regulations in the highest safety class.

From a hydro-insulation perspective, it was necessary to ensure that the tunnel construction would be protected against water percolating through the rock environment. As the main insulation layer, installed between the primary sprayed concrete lining and the secondary prefabricated concrete lining, polyethylene insulation membrane JUNIFOL 1,20 mm was used. The product was manufactured with white signal layer and delivered in two roll widths of 4 and 8 m, thereby having significantly augmented the speed of construction works.

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