PRODUCT geoNETEX S 500 JB2 201 610 m2

LOCATION Prague, Czech Republic


‘Motorway section 513’ is a part of the orbital motorway which encircles Prague. It was designed to relieve the overloaded municipal roads, reduce the amount of traffic queueing on the slip roads and interconnect all the motorways around Prague. After its completion the orbital motorway will enable the transit traffic to drive smoothly between the major long-distance motorways.

Motorway section 513 is one out of three parts of the south-west segment of the whole orbital motorway. Its route is located between the municipalities Vestec and Lahovice. It starts with the junction with the section 512 (D1-Jesenice-Vestec), close to the river Vltava off the village Lahovice it ends with large flyover Strakonická.

In the district Točná under the Komořany hillside, the motorway enters at the village Cholupice 2 km long tunnel. The tunnel consists of 2 tubes, one for each direction. The ascending part of the tunnel has 3 lanes, the descending one 2 lanes.

Within installation works of a waterproofing membrane in the tunnel tubes there was used a non-woven geotextile geoNETEX S 500 JB2 between the membrane and the shotcrete. It serves both as a protection layer of the waterproofing membrane and a drainage layer draining away possible seepage from the primary lining.

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