geoNETEX M 600
12 000 m2
25 000 m2

LOCATION Motorway D8, Czech Republic


The section 0805 Lovosice – Řehlovice is the last unfinished part of D8 motorway (the total length being 16,4 km). As soon as it is finished, it will connect Prague to Ústí nad Labem and the border of the Czech Republic; here D8 interlinks with an already existing A17 motorway in Germany (in the direction of Dresden).

One of important issues that needed to be addressed in the course of the project, was water management & control system – predominantly surface water treatment (total area of public roads is approximately 400 000 m ). Rainwater flowing off the road surface may be contaminated with oil products and other chemicals and therefore the water flow must be channeled – prior to being released into watercourse – through rainwater sediment tanks and detention basins.

In this 0805 project, sediment tanks have been designed as underground closed structures, also functioning as separators of oil substances. In emergency situations, the capacity of these reservoirs is sufficient to collect a full volume of liquids transported by a standard cistern truck. As far as detention basins are concerned, due to their size, they have been constructed as surface (open) installations, with the main purpose being the outflow regulation and also sedimentation.

In total, there are 6 sets of sediment tanks and detention basins being built in the section 0805; all these structures must be sealed against possible leakage. The impermeability of detention basins is secured by application of PE membrane JUNIFOL, thickness 2,0 mm. The membrane is protected against mechanical damage by nonwoven geotextile geoNETEX 600 g/m2 (installed on both sides). Grass concrete building blocks embedded in fine-grained aggregate are being used as final surface adjustment of detention pond’s bottom and slopes.

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