GP® Protection Board is a tough, hard-wearing protection board with high compressive strength, and impact resistance. It is designed to protect JUTA membranes from concrete reinforcement, backfill and follow on trades (including light traffic).

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Product Description

Benefits include:

  • A tough, hard-wearing flexible polymeric board for protecting ground gas and waterproofing membranes against mechanical damage, pedestrian or vehicular traffic and abrasion caused by backfilling
  • Protects against ground salts and most corrosive chemicals
  • Light and easy to handle:allows ease of storage, carrying and positioning on site
  • Provides protection to JUTA UK membranes
  • Easily cut and shaped on-site
  • Easily scored and folded for continuous protection at corners


Take a look at the physical properties of GP® Protection Board. For full product information please see the datasheet linked below.


GP® Protection Board is supplied in 2.4m x 1.2m sheets, at 1kg / sheet they can be handled with ease.


GP® Protection Board should be stored flat on stable/level ground, with no other material stacked on top.

Site Investigation
Site Investigation
Site Investigation Reports Monitoring Results. We review these reports and advise routes for compliance.
System Design
System Design
Full Ground Gas Protection System Design available.
Wide library of standard details with site specific details on request.
All our installers are certified NVQ Level 2 qualified installation contractors.
We ensure your project complies with the relevant building regulations.

Juta Solutions & Applications 

Our waterproofing membranes and structures suit a variety of applications and situations, with our TITAN® range offering not only superior waterproofing qualities but also offering invasive weed control and gas protection.

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