Ground Gas Membranes (BS8485)

JUTA ground gas membranes (BS8485) provide a solid resistance to harmful ground gases, securing the safety of your new building.

Toxic, asphyxiating and potentially explosive ground gases can enter buildings and other built structures after construction if proper measures aren’t put into place. Anyone working in the construction industry should consider the hazards of ground gases when designing and constructing new developments.

What is Ground Gas Membrane?

A ground gas protection membrane is designed to stop gas flowing from one area to another. In this case, from the ground into the building.

The dangerous nature of the aforementioned gases means buildings need to be protected to prevent any harm to whoever is in the structure.

Membranes are usually made from polymers due to their lightweight, flexible and formable nature, but include other materials like aluminium.

Ground Gas Membranes (BS8485)
Ground Gas Membranes (BS8485)

Why Do You Need to Install Ground Gas Membranes?

Ground gases can be harmful, even in minimal doses. There are two main types of ground gas: methane and carbon dioxide.

Carbon dioxide can cause asphyxiation when found in high levels, and there have been many reported cases of deaths in the home.

Methane is an odourless and flammable gas that’s mainly found in landfill sites and sewage facilities, it can be flammable at levels as low as 5%.

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