Tiltex Overview

Tiltex System which belongs to the group of Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mats (GCCMs), is a cost-effective, multi-functional erosion control solution with fast and easy installation, which does not require any complex logistic operations or the use of specialist machinery.

Tiltex Overview


TILTEX SYSTEM is a needle punched mechanically bonded composite, consisting of a concrete-sand mix, embedded and fixed between two layers of geo-textile (TILTEX SYSTEM) and can supported with additional layer of geomembrane (TILTEX SYSTEM PLUS) when the project requires special protection against water.

Ground structures reinforcement

TILTEX SYSTEM is hydrated post installation, providing a substrate for direct applications of a thin protective layer of regular concrete, which may be used in various weather conditions. The fabric is fastened to an outer part with nails, which provides a solid water-resistant surface stabilisation, further braced thanks to internal reinforcing fibres. This advanced product can be quickly and easily formed giving the desired shape. It is much faster and cheaper than conventional materials. Strict quality control of raw materials makes the finished product fail-proof.

Tiltex Overview
Tiltex Overview

Cement-Sand Mix

The TILTEX SYSTEM mixture has been developed as a result of numerous tests in order to ensure excellent and durable performance. TILTEX SYSTEM, when hydrated post installation, hardens after few hours but still remains fractionally flexible what makes the product unique.

Tiltex Overview

Geotextile (content)

Thousands of fibres embedded in concrete give the TILTEX SYSTEM significant reinforcement – even when some cracks occur due to external factors, geotextile secures the integrity of the liner.

Tiltex Overview

Geomembrane Backing

The TILTEX SYSTEM product can be supported with an additional layer of geomembrane on the bottom (TILTEX SYSTEM PLUS) when project requires special protection against water.

Tiltex Overview

Needle Punching

Long needles grab fibres from the upper nonwoven geotextile layer of the TILTEX SYSTEM and pull the fibres through the cement and the lower nonwoven geotextile. Thanks to mechanical bonding concrete is locked between geotextile layers so that there is no risk of its displacement.

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What are the benefits of using TILTEX SYSTEM?

  • Depending on outside temperaturę and quantity of water used for hydration, TILTEX needs minimum 90 minutes to get hard and be ready for use
  • The composite has a high tensile strength, which prevents it from being damaged during installation - the minimum tensile strength, according to EN ISO10319, is 15 kN/m
  • Can include two types of cement and sand mixes. Their compressive strengths are 40 MPa or 80 MPa respectively
  • Before hydration, retains the elasticity of the geotextile and therefore adapts perfectly to the subgrade on site
  • The composite is characterised by its high puncture resistance, thus guaranteeing a homogeneous concrete cover already at the installation stage, which ensures an even coating after hydration. The minimum puncture resistance according to EN ISO 12236 is 3 kN
  • Is non-flammable. Its reaction to fire class B-s1, d0 allows it to be used as fire insulation
  • Its protection efficiency indicates that it can be used to protect geomembranes and beyond
  • Is resistant to root penetration, so it can be a barrier to vegetation
  • Has high puncture and tensile strengths still before hydration, so it guarantees safety in transport and during installation
  • Is tested against freezing and thawing cycles - its properties have not degraded, so temperatures are not dangerous to it
  • Has a high abrasion resistance and will perfectly protect sensitive surfaces
  • 30 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Production in accordance with European standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001
  • Last but not least of the features identified here is the ease with which the required shapes and sizes can be manipulated, rearranged and cut on site, making it very easy to install.
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