SUDS: Sustainable Drainage Systems

Our extensive range of geosynthetics enables the most appropriate sustainable drainage solution to be selected for the appropriate environment. Consideration should always be given to the specific site conditions and the anticipated lifetime of the construction.

SUDS: Sustainable Drainage Systems

What Are Sustainable Drainage Systems?

Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems, more commonly known as SUDS, control and manage both the flows and volumes of surface water and water pollution, thereby reducing the risk of flooding by making use of landscape and natural vegetation. SUDS Systems can be in the form of ponds, swales, permeable paving and filtration or attenuation tanks.

These systems have become increasingly popular in the UK with the introduction of regulation document Schedule 3 of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010. The regulation applies to all new developments with more than one house and to any construction area of 100m² or more in Wales and the New Design and Construction Guidance (DCG) for the sewage sector replaces SfA7 for England.

How Do JUTA SUDs Systems Work?

Our sustainable drainage systems use a series of techniques to collect, store, and clean surface water before it’s released back into the environment at a more controlled flow rate. Our systems typically follow the SUDS management train in the following stages:

Effective site design and good housekeeping measures can help minimise runoff and pollution levels.
Source control
Decrease the volume of water entering the drainage network by intercepting run-off water for subsequent re-use or for storage and subsequent evapotranspiration. This can be achieved with features such as green roofs, soakaways, rain gardens and permeable pavements.
Site control
Planned management of water in storage systems such as ponds or detention basins to delay the discharge of surface water to watercourses. 
Regional control
A system that can efficiently manage the runoff from several sites, allowing it to soak into the ground. This provides a natural method of handling excess water.
How Do JUTA SUDs Systems Work?
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Why Use JUTA SUDS Systems?

We manufacturer innovative, high-performance, revolutionary SUDS Systems which are guaranteed to be suitable, cost-effective, durable and fit for purpose. In order to do this, early engagement in the design and specification of Civils Engineering System is essential as per CIRIA C753 SuDs Manual Guidance on the Construction together with planning guidance. Our advanced manufacturing technology produces the best performing membranes on the market, keep scrolling to see our most popular products.

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