JUTA UK Hydrolock Paste – is a plastic bentonite paste which is specifically designed for structural waterproofing. Hydrolock Paste is used to seal and protect concrete areas in direct contact with soils. Typical applications include; pipe penetration sealing, shaft sealing, void levelling and honeycomb filling.

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Product Benefits


Hydrolock Paste seals immediately and reacts with penetrating water to swell under pressure, creating a water-tight seal. 

  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete and Hydrolock waterproofing membrane.
  • Self-healing ability (swells to repair localised damage).
  • High-density assists with sealing cracks in all weather.
Product Description

Hydrolock paste is very easy to use, has excellent water absorption capacity and is biologically harmless, weather-resistant, solvent-free and frost resistant. 



Tubs/Cartons or Hydrolock Paste are delivered as 25kg units and should be stored on stable/level ground and stacked no more than five tubs high, with no other materials stacked on top. Shelf-life is unlimited – stir before use.

Accessory Products

Hydrolock Paste is an accessory product to Hydrolock to assist with jointing and sealing. Additional accessories include:

  • Hydrolock Strip
  • Hydrolock Rail
  • Hydrolock Granules

Take a look at the physical properties of our Hydrolock Paste. For full product information please see the datasheet linked below.

Hydrolock Paste can be applied around all types of penetrations through the waterproofing sheet to provide a seal. The application should be directed onto the surface from the supplied carton, by the aid of spatula. The application surface should be dry and free from dust and greasy impurities. Sealing around protuberances should be at a minimum application 50mm. Cracks and surface irregularities in concrete (>1mm) can also be sealed using Hydrolock Paste.

Site Investigation
Site Investigation
Site Investigation Reports Monitoring Results. We review these reports and advise routes for compliance.
System Design
System Design
Full Ground Gas Protection System Design available.
Wide library of standard details with site specific details on request.
All our installers are certified NVQ Level 2 qualified installation contractors.
We ensure your project complies with the relevant building regulations.

Juta Solutions & Applications 

Our waterproofing membranes and structures suit a variety of applications and situations, with our TITAN® range offering not only superior waterproofing qualities but also offering invasive weed control and gas protection.

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