GP Crystalline Active Barrier (CAB) FLEX 2C

GP® Crystalline Active Barrier (CAB) FLEX 2C

GP® Crystalline Active Barrier (CAB) Flex 2C is a two component, fast drying grey waterproofing coating system. The A component is a cement-based powder and B component is a liquid polymer. Due to the polymer the coating system is semi flexible.

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Product Benefits

  • Dry mortar
  • EN 1504-3 – Class 3 repair mortar barrier
  • Watertight against pressurized water (50 bar, depend on surface)
  • Frost resistant
  • High compressive strength
  • Capillary blocking
  • Low consumption
  • Easy application
  • Sprayable
  • Suitable as Pile head/Cap sealing
Product Description

Two component cementitious/polymer sealing slurry – (Fast drying, hydrophobic, waterproof).

GP® Crystalline Active Barrier (CAB) Flex 2C is a two component, fast drying grey waterproofing coating system. The A component is a cement-based powder and B component is a liquid polymer. Due to the polymer the coating system is semi flexible. CAB Flex 2C migrates into the substrate and seals the pores of the substrate to achieve excellent bonding to the surface. It is shrinkage compensated and has quick strength development. CAB Flex 2C also has very good abrasion resistance on the substrate.

CharacteristicsGP® Crystalline Active Barrier (CAB) Flex 2C
Base component ACement, quartz sand, additives
Base component BRubber dispersion, additives
Processing temperature+ 5°C up to + 35°C
Bulk density component AApprox.1.6 g/cm³
Density component BApprox. 1,01 g/ml Page 2
CharacteristicsGP® Crystalline Active Barrier (CAB) Flex 2C
Water vapour diffusion resistance factor μApprox. 65
TrafficableAfter approx. 4-6 hours
LoadableAfter approx. 3 days
ApplicableApprox. 45 minutes at 20°C/50% rel. h.
Curing timeAfter approx. 48 hours
Complete curingAfter 28 days
Consumption2.0mm approx. 3 - 3.5 kg/m²
2.5mm approx. 3.5 - 5 kg/m²
Minimum thicknessApprox. 2 mm where no pressurised water
Approx. 2.5 mm where anticipating pressurised water
Compressive strengthClass R3 (>25 MPa)
Chloride ion content< 0.05 %
Adhesive bond> 1.0 MPa
Elastic modulus> 10 GPa
Capillary absorption≤ 0.5 kg/m² × h 0.5
Reaction to fireClass A1

CAB Flex 2C is used for reliable and permanent waterproofing against pressurised water on positive side (outside) as well as on negative side (inside) of buildings. CAB Flex 2C can be used on vertical and on horizontal surfaces to be waterproofed. It is applicable on nearly all mineral sufficiently solid surfaces with an ideal strength of >1.5 N/mm². Typical application areas are basements, concrete elements, car parking, tunnels, water tanks, wet rooms, or manholes. CAB Flex 2C is also usable as waterproofing under walls, and across pile heads/caps against rising dampness.

Surface Preparation

The surface must be dry or slightly damp, sound, absorbent and clean. Bonding inhibiting agents such as grease, oil, formwork oil and all loose particles and dust must be removed before application of CAB Flex 2C.

Damaged area like cracks, holes or cavities must be reprofiled. Cavities or surface damages >5mm must be reprofiled. The pores of substrate must be open, so CAB Flex 2C can penetrate.

Dusty or salt damaged surface must be treated with Deep Primer prior application of the slurry so the substrate is re-solidified and salts are transferred from soluble to insoluble and during curing time of the slurry no salts can penetrate into the CAB Flex 2C during curing.

Negative / Positive side waterproofing

CAB Flex 2C must be mixed with using of a slow speed mixer in the designed mixing ration (25 kg by 8 kg). Put component B (please shake it before using) in a mixer (or container provided) and add the whole bag of sealing slurry (component A), mix it until a lump-free compound is attained. After mixing wait 1 minute and mix again. The application on the surface must be done with a hard brush or spraying device. The coating in principle is done by minimum 2 layers, whereby the minimum thickness has to be observed. The first layer must not be completely cured before the second layer is applied or the surface has to be prewetted.

The whole system has to be secured against over fast drying (wind, sun etc.), frost and rain. At negative side waterproofing the rel. air humidity should not be higher than 65%. CAB Flex 2C can be covered with coating for water vapor diffusion or plasters.

Recommended tools:

  • Roller
  • Gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Mixer
  • Spraying device

For spray application: use traditional wet mortar spraying equipment and processes.

33 kg units (25 kg comp. A + 8 kg comp. B).

6 months (frost-free and dry, +5°C up to +25°C in original packaging).

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