For more than 40 years, JUTA UK has been processing polypropylene and polyethylene for technical textiles.

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JUTA Grass

JUTA has been manufacturing artificial turf in the highest quality since 2009. To date, JUTA has delivered more than 6,500,000 square meters of grass into all sectors. Our unique approach to production, which we refer to as “Under one roof concept” represents our greatest advantage and strongest feature.

This concept gives us distinct advantages in terms of quality and cost control, flexibility in response to market demands, independency from external suppliers and short delivery times. It also allows us to acquire a unique knowledge of the whole process resulting in innovation and introducing new technologies.




JUTA is a partner of the FIFA Quality Programme for Football Turf. The overall concept of quality system monitors all JUTA grass installations. In co-operation with the manufacturers of the single systems components i.e. elastic layer, filling, bonding, we are always striving to develop even higher standards of quality.

We exhaustively test the individual elements, as well as the whole system and the results help to achieve the desired quality. This is done by our in-house quality assurance, as well as by external controllers.


Typical applications include:

  • Sports and playgrounds
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Landscaping and interiors
  • Gardens and pools
  • Balconies and terraces
  • City landscaping
  • Tennis
  • Hockey and rugby