JUTA UK PD1700 include a high compressive strength Cuspate High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) drainage core with a geotextile filter geotextile bonded to one side. Protection Drainage (PD) 1700 is designed as a high flow medium to alleviate hydrostatic pressure on below ground structures, as well as providing protection to the underlying membrane (gas/waterproofing).

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Product Benefits

  • Optimised for maximum strength and performance, providing high levels of flow.
  • Complies with the latest codes of practice as published by BS, BRE and CIRIA.
  • Independently tested and verified by UKAS accredited bodies.
Product Description


Roll weights can be up to 35kg, hence appropriate equipment is required for unloading and handling.


PD1700 is supplied in packaging designed to protect from damage during handling and storage, and degradation as a result of UV exposure. PD1700 should be kept in supplied packaging until it is required for installation, and then covered within two weeks of installation.

Take a look at the physical properties of PD1700. For full product information please see the datasheet linked below.

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Mass per unit Area620 g/m2
Roll width2.00m
Roll length20m


JUTA UK PD1700 is primarily used for external tanking applications, forming a high comperssive strength void, providing a path of least resistance for water, which enables controlled drainage into outlets or connector pipes. PD1700 can be used in combination with GP gas/waterproofing barriers to provide both protection and drainage for external tanking application, ensuring the gas /waterproofing barrier remains intact and the system performs as intended.


PD1700 should be installed with the geotextile facing the soil/backfill, and the direction of the water flow. Rolls can be cut to size on site. PD1700 can can be held in place prior to backfilling with DS Butyl tape (50mm wide), or mechanically fixed in the in the absence of a gas/waterproofing barrier.

Adjacent rolls can be overlapped using the geotextile, secured with DS Butyl tape (50mm). Roll ends can be connected by simply butting the cuspate sheet together.

Connection to land drains/collection pipes is achieved by placement within the slotted area, or removal of the cuspated core, and wrapping of geotextile around the pipe. Care must be taken not to damage/cut the geotextile during core removal to facilitate connection.

Backfilling should proceed with caution to avoid undue stress on the PD1700. Compactive effort should be avoided within the first 100mm of the PD1700.

Site Investigation
Site Investigation
Site Investigation Reports Monitoring Results. We review these reports and advise routes for compliance.
System Design
System Design
Full Ground Gas Protection System Design available.
Wide library of standard details with site specific details on request.
All our installers are certified NVQ Level 2 qualified installation contractors.
We ensure your project complies with the relevant building regulations.

Juta Solutions & Applications

Our waterproofing membranes and structures suit a variety of applications and situations, with our TITAN® range offering not only superior waterproofing qualities but also offering invasive weed control and gas protection.

BRE 211 NHBC (Amber 1) BS8485:2015 + A1 2019 / NHBC (Amber 2) C748 C748 BS8102:2009 RPS178 C753 BBA Agreement Certificate
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