HYDROLOCK STRIP is a swellable bentonite joint sealing tape with crystallization additives. HYDROLOCK STRIP is used as a waterstop in concrete construction joints, and is tested and approved up to 7 bar water pressure.

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Product Benefits

  • Self-injecting effect – penetrates cracks and cavities.
  • Swelling and shrinking are infinitely reversible.
  • Dimensionally stable in all temperatures.
  • High natural mineral componentensures limited fatigue over time.
Product Description

The swellable bentonite tape consists of bentonite embedded in a matrix of highly molecular polyisobutylene Caoutchouc and specialty filler with crystalline admixture. Supplied as a coiled ‘strip’, it is simply fastened onto the existing joint surface before the next concrete pour. Any subsequent water leakage through the joint activates the HYDROLOCK STRIP, which absorbs the water and swells, expanding into the joint and forming an impermeable layer in the joint. Compared with traditional joint sealants (PVC tape, sheets etc). HYDROLOCK STRIP is economical, reliable and robust, with optimal levels of performance.


HYDROLOCK STRIP seals in two phases: Sealing by immediate swelling in contact with water and sealing by crystallization.

Accessory Products

Hydrolock Strip is an accessory product to Hydrolock to assist with jointing and sealing. Additional accessories include:

Take a look at the physical properties of our Hydrolock Strip. For full product information please see the datasheet linked below.

Dimensions20mm (H) x 25mm (W) x 5000mm (L)
Weight730 g/m

HYDROLOCK STRIP should be placed only on in-situ concrete – the tape shall be covered on all sides by concrete (min. 80mm concrete cover required) to ensure swelling pressure can be established.


HYDROLOCK STRIP can be installed with adhesive primer (HYDROLOCK PASTE) or with the use of HYDROLOCK RAIL. When using fixing rail, it is recommended to attach the rail with steel nails/pins at a minimum centre spacing of 300m.

Rolls of HYDROLOCK STRIP is delivered in rolls of 5m length, in boxes of 6 units, and should be stored on stable/level ground and stacked not more than five boxes high, with no other material stacked on top. The rolls can be stored outdoors when packaged, but should be protected from exposure to UV. Shelf life is anticipated to be a minimum of 5 years when stored indoors and protected against frost and inclement weather conditions.

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