Licensed Gas Membrane Installer Scheme

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Licensed Gas Membrane Installer Scheme for JUTA UK Installers

Our industry is changing, which means it is becoming increasingly important to deliver better, more sustainable and high-quality products and services to your customers. This is why we have launched the innovative GP® Licenced Gas Membrane Installer Scheme.

Joining our insurance-backed scheme demonstrates your commitment to delivering the best possible materials available for use, and your commitment to ensuring every single member of your team is competent in their function, use and installation. The approach aligns with government calls to ‘level up’ and to adhere to construction product competency requirements.

What you need to know

As a member of the GP® Licenced Gas Membrane Installer Scheme, every time you complete a project using JUTA UK products and register the project through the online registration hub, you’ll benefit from an insurance backed guarantee that not only your products but your workmanship is covered.

  • The GP® Licenced Gas Membrane Installer Scheme is completely free to join*
  • Use our online registration hub for projects with the pay-as-you-go platform**
  • Our innovative scheme is Quality Mark Assured
  • We offer a 10-year insurance backed workmanship guarantee
  • With product liability insurance of up to £10,000,000 
  • Our insurance backed guarantee is available across all development types
  • Plus, our bespoke insurance policy is completely underwritten by UK Insurers for complete peace of mind

Independently audited by the BBA

The GP® Licenced Gas Membrane Installer Scheme is independently audited by the BBA on a regular basis; demonstrating your commitment to quality and safety to your customers.

Plus, we have the mandatory UKCA marking for construction related products used in critical barrier applications, ensuring compliance with all requirements.

Created in partnership with industry and The British Board of Agreement (BBA), the GP® Licenced Gas Membrane Scheme from JUTA UK is the first of its kind, designed to offer your customers complete peace-of-mind in the knowledge that only the very best installers are backed by the BBA and Quality Mark.

How to join

To become a Licenced Gas Membrane Installer you must commit to undergoing ongoing rigorous independent auditing and certification processes by the BBA (The British Board of Agrément). Our expert team will help you to coordinate your introductory office visit and site inspection by BBA assessors, who will continue to monitor installation practices through ongoing site inspections and annual office audits. 
Fill in this form to enquire about joining.

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