Radon Gas Barriers

Radon is a radioactive ground gas found in all buildings in the UK, but in varying levels. Juta supply durable Radon barrier membranes to protect against its harmful effects, along with expert advice.

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The dangers of radon

Radon is a colourless, odourless, radioactive gas that comes from rocks and soil. Radon levels are higher inside buildings compared to outside, and exposure to the gas over an extended period of time can be harmful, with it believed that 1000 deaths a year in the UK can be attributed to lung cancer caused by radon. In many cases, radon levels aren’t an issue, but Building Regulations require all new buildings and extensions/conversions to undergo protective measures to ensure they are adequately shielded from radon.

Radon Gas Barriers Radon Gas Barriers Radon Gas Barriers

Straightforward and effective gas protection

At Juta, we supply effective, high-quality radon gas barriers to ensure properties are protected from high levels of the harmful gas. Radon gas barriers are protective membranes made from durable polyethylene that are applied in the foundation stage of construction. Our barrier membranes are an effective and easy-to-install way to guard against harmful levels of radon.

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Compliant with Building Regulations

All of our gas protection membranes have all been carefully developed to provide contractors and developers with a successful answer for ground gas issues and comply with the latest codes of practice, published by organisations such as BRE and CIRIA. Plus, GP1, GP2 and GPH are independently tested by third part UKAS accredited bodies. Manufactured specially to provide a lifelong solution for new buildings, Juta Radon Gas Membranes are a total ground gas construction solution.


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Expert products and advice from Juta

Our barrier membranes also offer protection against other ground gases such a methane, carbon dioxide, VOC vapours and hydrocarbon, plus air and moisture protection. Supplied in rolls, Juta gas protection membranes are simple to install and give peace of mind for contractors and developers that their project is fully compliant and safe. Get in touch today for help on which gas protection membrane you need, and for installation advice.

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