VOC Membranes

Harmful VOCs can be found in many places, including on building sites where the land was previously used for industrial purposes. In this scenario, installing a VOC barrier membrane is a must.

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What is a VOC?

Volatile organic compounds are chemicals with a high vapour pressure at normal room temperature. They can be either manmade or natural and occur in things such as paint and cleaning products, and also on brownfield sites. VOCs can have adverse effects on health (with it being suspected that they can cause cancer in humans) – consequently structures built on affected sites must have VOC protection.

VOC Membranes VOC Membranes VOC Membranes

The straightforward solution

At Juta, we supply high quality VOC barrier membranes which offer effective protection against VOC vapours, amongst other harmful chemicals and gases. VOC contamination within buildings leaves them unsafe and unusable, so installing a high-performance VOC membrane during the foundation stage of construction is key. Straightforward to install, VOC barriers from Juta are the ideal solution to VOC contamination.

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Resilient VOC barrier membranes

All of our VOC membranes follow the latest guidelines and regulations, are durable, provide protection from moisture and are resistant to other dangerous gases such as Radon and carbon dioxide. We have over seventy years of experience in the industry and are fully equipped to give expert advice on which VOC membrane is most suitable for your application.

Ciricia, Bre

Specialist advice from Juta

As more and more brownfield sites are developed, shielding from harmful chemicals and gases, such as volatile organic compounds, should be a top priority. Get in touch today for specialist advice on VOC barrier membranes.

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