Beckton Parkside

Ultimate cost saving with GP®1 gas resistant membrane

Juta Juta

We don’t need an ‘Academy’, or a ‘Special Project Team’ to demonstrate our ability to add value to projects and supply chains. As a multi-geosynthetics product manufacturer we have multiple solutions to any given problem.

Products used:

Beckton Parkside Beckton Parkside Beckton Parkside Beckton Parkside
  • Material:

    15,000 m2

  • Date:

  • Specialist Installer:
    UK Membranes

  • Verification and sign-off:
    MEC Environmental

At JUTA UK, our task is not to over specify products to inflate short terms sales figures. It is to provide the best possible advice and most appropriate, cost effective, proven, sustainable and a durable solution for any given project requirement.

In late 2018, the team were approached by one of our clients to assess whether we could offer an alternate system to a large commercial and residential development in SE London. The current scheme incorporated mixed-use office space, retail units, flats and residential houses. The proposed gas protective measures included a non-compliant ‘ultimate’ hydrocarbon vapour membrane and a full coverage venting system, over a footprint of 15,000 m2.

Our Geo-environmental experts completed a free technical assessment of the scheme. This included reviewing the ground investigation data. Following the review, it highlighted that the proposed measures were over-specified, and the site was relatively low risk for gas protective measures.

The team then set about completing a re-design for the site, and were able to reduce the scope of protective measures to incorporate our GP®1 gas resistant DPM in combination with the floor slab, to provide adequate protection for the scheme.

The process of review to re-design took a total of 2 weeks. With approval by building control on the revised scope a further 2 weeks. Resulting in a cost-saving to the developer of £420,145.17 on gas protective materials, time and installation costs.

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