Bluecoats School

JUTA’s GP®5 provides a durable solution for large commercial developments

Juta Juta

JUTA designed and delivered a cost-effective ground gas protection solution for a brand new school in Oldham.

Products used:

Bluecoats School Bluecoats School 2 Bluecoats School 3 Bluecoats School 4 Bluecoats School 5
  • Material:

    3,500 m2

  • Material:
    JUTA 300TT

    3,500 m2

  • Material:
    WP SAM

    1,500 m2

  • Material:

    1,000 m2

  • Date:
    June 2022

  • Specialist Installer:
    Water8 Solutions

  • Verification and sign-off:
    Wilmott Dixon Construction

Following the demolition of a former Sainsbury’s supermarket in Oldham, which was located on a brownfield site close to Oldham Leisure Centre, Wilmott Dixon Construction were appointed to build a
brand new school for the area called Bluecoats School.

Inspection of the brownfield site in Oldham identified that ground gas protection measures were necessary to protect the school staff and pupils from ground gas present in the area. Wilmott Dixon Construction worked with specialist contractors Water8 Solutions to deliver a cost-effective ground gas protection solution.

Utilising JUTA’s premium design service for specialist installers, Water8 worked in collaboration with ourselves throughout the full design, supply and installation package using the JUTA GP®5 ground gas protection membrane. As such, this is one of the first projects in the UK to utilise the brand new JUTA GP®5 technology, which made this an exciting development and opportunity to utilise our new and improved sustainable and resilient gas barrier. 

The JUTA GP®5 is a robust ground gas protection membrane which also acts as a high-performance DPM, which ensures that it is suitable for use on the new Bluecoats School site. Here, JUTA UK were able to offer the GP®5, which acted as a bespoke multi-layer PE gas membrane, designed to be a durable solution when used on large commercial developments where the ground gas membrane is designed to stand up to subsequent trades and laser screed pours.

“Working with JUTA UK and their GP® membranes is efficient and effective. They are easy to work with and provide everything we need in a timely manner, at a seriously competitive price point”

Russell Samuels, Director at Water8

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