Maggie’s Sustainable Cancer Care Centre – Leeds

Delivering a sustainable development at the Brownfield site

Juta Juta

JUTA UK aimed to deliver a sustainable development and provide a clean, green, safe environment. The Brownfield site contained aggressive chemicals which were costly and difficult to remediate and remove. Residual hydrocarbons and ground gas hazards required prevention from entering the structure, which has a complex layout with a basement and retaining elements.

Maggie's Sustainable Cancer Care Centre - Leeds Maggie's Sustainable Cancer Care Centre - Leeds Maggie's Sustainable Cancer Care Centre - Leeds
  • Material:

    10,000 m2

  • Material:

    10,000 m2

  • Date:
    June 2019

  • Specialist Installer:

  • Verification and sign-off:

Maggie’s Centre provides support for people affected by cancer and sits within the campus of St James’s University Hospital, Leeds.

A welcoming place, the facility offers visitors a respite from the clinical environment of the hospital. It includes a library, counselling rooms and informal seating areas. As the site was one of the few green spaces left on the campus, the centre wanted to preserve and accentuate a connection to nature by incorporating elements of greenery into its structure.

Elevated plant surfaces cover roofs and frame the entrance; its form is conceived by a group of large-scale planters of varying sizes, with more than 10,000 plants and 19 different species growing over it. The base of each planter creates distinct, enclosed places for visitors to hold private conversations or spend time alone. Contrastingly, open spaces encourage group conversations and activities.

For below ground structural waterproofing and gas protection, we selected GP® TITANBOND® membranes to provide a composite barrier system. GP® TITANBOND® prevents the entry of water, ground gas, hydrocarbons and VOCs, as well as being sustainable and performing the intended function for the lifetime of the structure.

GP® TITANFLEX® membranes were utilised for above ground elements, preventing the entry of ground gases into the building.

JUTA UK commented: “GP® TITANTECH® membranes offer specifiers and end users confidence, that when developing on the ground which contains a range of potentially hazardous materials, the future residents will be safe from harm”.