Radon Membranes

JUTA radon protection membranes provide a solid resistance to radon and can make any new building safe.

Radon is a naturally occurring gas that can seep into buildings through cracks in the foundation or through a water supply. Radon is considered dangerous because it becomes more potent when in an enclosed environment.

What is a Radon Membrane?

A radon membrane is a technology solution that reduces or stops the flow of gas from one area to another.

The typical function is to protect what’s on the other side of the barrier – the human. Membranes are usually made from polymers due to their lightweight, flexible and formable nature.

We weld all our membranes to building foundations, as tape isn’t robust enough to keep out radon gas.

Radon Guide

Radon Membranes
Radon Membranes

Why You Need to Install Radon Membranes

Radon is a derivative of radium; therefore, it’s radioactive. While radon is harmless in small doses, in a concentrated form it can be lethal, being linked to 1,100 lung cancer deaths per year.

New build construction projects are usually energy-efficient, which means little air escapes from the structure. However, if radon is seeping into the building, it becomes a chamber of trapped gas.

That’s why we know radon protection membranes are crucial to any new build. Radon installations are becoming more common in commercial and domestic builds, as awareness continues to rise in the UK.

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